3M Direct Bury Splice Kit DBO/B-6 (Bulk) 600V

3M Direct Bury Splice Kit DBO/B-6 (Bulk) 600V

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3M Direct Bury Splice Kit DBO/B-6 (Bulk) 600V

3M Direct Bury Splice Kits combine the quick, reliable connection of a 3M Performance Plus Wire Connector with the moisture resistance of a high impact, UV resistant tube prefilled with moisture resistant grease. It is UL Listed for 600 volts in direct bury applications. Premium splice designed to connect and moisture seal an electrical connection for direct bury applications, rated up to 600V. Moisture resistant grease acts as a barrier for damp environments, reducing exposure to the elements in outdoor boxes and underground connections. Common uses: golf course irrigation, landscape lighting, direct bury.

Water proof and sunlight resistant, the DBR/Y-6 may be installed above or below ground, inside a valve box or buried next to a valve-in-head sprinkler or light fixture, or submerged in water

It includes the 3 m performance plus electrical spring connector and a high impact, UV-resistant polypropylene tube prefilled with moisture-resistant gel

Strain relief, the gel-filled tube includes a lid that compresses the wire insulation when closed

The performance plus connectors have an aggressive quick-bite, It makes a fast and reliable mechanical connection over a wide temperature range

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