BaseLine Direct Burial Bicoder 1 Valve

BaseLine Direct Burial Bicoder 1 Valve

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BaseLine Direct Burial Bicoder 1 Valve

Baseline’s biCoders work with Baseline’s biLine two-wire technology to create the only true bi-directional two-wire devices in the industry. Baseline’s biCoders not only receive commands from the controller, they also send real-time information back to the controller. Plus, Baseline’s biCoders have built-in diagnostic LED lights that tell you at a glance whether the device is working. This smart technology also enables you to assign any biCoder to a zone or function from the controller after the biCoder has been installed in the field. With a multi-station biCoder, you can assign any sta??on to any zone, in any order.

All bi-coders are fully sealed, submersion-proof, and approved for direct bury

Multi-station bi-coders have color coded wires for each station

Includes a built-in amperage meter that accurately measures and diagnoses valve solenoid electrical problems such as: “no current,” “station short,” or “over current”

Manufactured with 24 inch of 16 ga PVC jacketed solid core wire to connect to the two-wire and 24 inch of 18 ga PVC jacketed stranded core wire to connect to the valve wire

Built-in surge protection

All bi-coders have built-in LEDs that blink during communications on the two-wire side and remain lit when power is supplied to the valve

Automatically shut down any attached solenoids if communication is lost with the controller

Run up to two typical solenoids up to 150 ft away from valve decoder using standard 14 ga irrigation wire per station wire (excluding BL-5201)

Pause bicoders are able to interface and read any normally closed switch pause device (including rain, wind, pressure, tank floats, and temperature)

Shock resistant

Freeze/heat resistant -4 to 140 degrees F

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