Calsense 32 Station Conventional Wall Mount Stainless Steel Controller

Calsense 32 Station Conventional Wall Mount Stainless Steel Controller

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Calsense 32 Station Conventional Wall Mount Stainless Steel Controller

The CS3000 irrigation controller offers a new hardware platform for plug-n-play operation and ease of use, with software intelligence that sets the bar for effective flow management and water saving automation. Controllers not only communicate with one another to share information, but are also accessible anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones for time and labor efficiency.

Heavy-duty stainless steel pedestal enclosure with one stubby antenna hole

Manual programs, which allow the user to schedule stations to run for a preset time, up to 6-times per day, for hydro-seeding and new planting

Permanent memory stores all controller programming and setup data, including date and time, in non-erasable memory

Input requirement 120 VAC, 1 PH, 1 A station outputs 24 VAC, 2 Amax (short protected)

The ability to assign landscape details as plant material, head type, sun exposure to groups of stations to simplify programming of stations with similar characteristics

Electrical alerts, such as short circuits and no currents, to help the user troubleshoot field wiring and solenoid problems

Unlimited programs which can water individual stations or interspersed to maximize system capacity and reduce watering time

Ability to accommodate multiple types of irrigation schedules including irrigating even days, odd days, prescribed days of the week, and interval scheduling ranging from every other day up to every four weeks

Support for managing flow on up to four main-lines and 12 points of connection simultaneously when sharing flow with multiple controllers

Unique predictive water budget feature which maximizes savings during drought conditions

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