Hunter ACC Modular Controller 12 Station Outdoor Plastic Pedestal

Hunter ACC Modular Controller 12 Station Outdoor Plastic Pedestal

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Hunter ACC Modular Controller 12 Station Outdoor Plastic Pedestal

Protect landscape assets by providing real-time irrigation visibility by using the Hunter ACC Modular Station Controller. This controller has intelligent overlap settings, a total run time program calculator, and other programming features. Equipped with built-in Solar Sync, it calculates local weather changes and uses that information to implement the most efficient run times. It features a No Water Window, which allows users to place a limit on the period of time available for irrigation to fit their water management style.

One touch manual start and advance, allows user to start or test any station

Cycle and soak feature built in – reduces runoff

No water window – can be used to comply with local watering restrictions or to prevent conflicts with pedestrian traffic

Automatic short circuit protection

Delay between stations

Simultaneous station groups

Seasonal adjustment global, by program or solar sync

Sensor programmability

Solar sync delay feature allows the installer to specify a number of days before automatic weather adjustment begins

Easy retrieve memory: original program can be saved in non-volatile memory and retrieved later if needed

Built-in Solar Sync

Real time flow monitoring – permit’s connection of a flow meter to recognize high or low flow conditions and react automatically to alarms

Total run time calculator by program

Non-volatile memory, keeps programs indefinitely without battery backup

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12 Station

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