Hunter Flow Sensor Receiver

Hunter Flow Sensor Receiver

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Hunter Flow Sensor Receiver

Hunter’s WFS offers irrigation professionals a simple way to add flow monitoring to a system, protecting even the largest landscapes from damage and wasted water. The WFS monitors flow and instantly notifies the controller in case of a broken pipe or leak, prompting the system to shut down. The WFS is compatible with Hunter’s ACC and I-Core controllers and can be easily installed as a retrofit to an existing Flow-Sync or as a system upgrade. Its robust waterproof design ensures that the WFS is ready to safeguard your landscape, even in the harshest environments. The WFS is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution to protect your landscape from unforeseen damage and wasted water.

Helps prevent damage and waste from leaks and breaks in piping system

Wirelessly transmit flow data (gallons or liters) to controller, for flow recording and monitoring purposes

Robust waterproof construction

Wireless flow sensor saves time, materials, and labor

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