Hunter I-20 Adjustable Reclaimed Shrub Rotor with Check Valve

Hunter I-20 Adjustable Reclaimed Shrub Rotor with Check Valve

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Hunter I-20 Adjustable Reclaimed Shrub Rotor with Check Valve

With 34 nozzle choices, a 17 ft. to 46 ft. radius, and 6 body choices, the I-20 is an indispensable rotor. Whether you’ve got a small area, sandy soil, or a mix of shrubs and grass, the I-20 is ready to water with efficiency and reliability. Recent improvements include automatic arc return, non-reversing 360, from 50 to 360 degrees, and a non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism that prevents gear stripping and saves repair costs. Adding FloStop control, easy through-the-top arc adjustment, and a standard drain-check valve all equate to a rotor that stands second-to-none in its class.

Automatic arc return, this patented feature returns the turret to the original arc regardless of where it is turned, This ensures vandal protection in any environment

Factory installed rubber cover

With check valve

Flostop control: FloStop closes the flow of water from individual sprinkler heads while the system is running. This is ideal for changing nozzles or turning off specific heads during maintenance and construction

Headed and slotted set screw, use a slotted screwdriver or the Hunter wrench for easier and simpler adjustments as needed

Non-strippable drive: the patented, non-strippable, vandal proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage

Through-the-top arc adjustment

Reclaimed water ID, purple caps indicate where non-potable irrigation water is being used

Quick check arc mechanism makes arc adjust fast and easy

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Connection Type


Operating Radius

17 – 46 ft.

Inlet Connection

3/4 in. FNPT

Adjustable Rotation Angle

50 – 360 Degrees



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