Rain Bird 5004 Rotor w/ 2.5 Nozzle Part-Circle 4 in. Riser

Rain Bird 5004 Rotor w/ 2.5 Nozzle Part-Circle 4 in. Riser

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Rain Bird 5004 Rotor w/ 2.5 Nozzle Part-Circle 4 in. Riser

Offering unmatched performance from 25 ft. to 50 ft., Rain Bird 5000 series rotors are ideal for residential, light commercial and commercial applications. By combining the industry’s only Triple-Blade Wiper Seal with unrivaled Rain Curtain nozzles, 5000 series rotors give you even coverage and enduring reliability that the best contractors demand.

Top-adjust arc adjustment requiring only a flat-blade screwdriver

Heavy-duty case

Even distribution over the entire radius

40 – 360 degrees arc rotation and reversing full circle rotation in one

Optional matched precipitation rate (MPR) nozzles

Optimized for mid distance residential and light commercial applications

Thicker rubber cover

Tree of nozzles including 8 Rain Curtain (25 degrees trajectory) and 4 low angle (10 degrees trajectory) provides 25 – 50 ft distance of throw

True 4 inch pop-up (measured from the case cover to the nozzle)

Large droplets for superior wind resistance

Self-flushing tapered stem design and integrated triple-blade multi-function wiper seal protect internals from debris

Slip clutch quickly set the left edge of the 5004 rotor (dry set only)

Self flushing arc adjustment port as the riser stem pops-up and retracts a jet of water cleans out the arc adjustment slot

Optional pre-installed Rain Curtain, nozzles

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Connection Type


Connection Size

1\/2 in. MPT Inlet

Inlet Connection

3\/4 in.

Adjustable Rotation Angle

22 Degrees



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Brand Name

Rain Bird