Rain Bird Maxi Paw Wrench

Rain Bird Maxi Paw Wrench

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Rain Bird Maxi Paw Wrench

Used for routine maintenance of Rain Bird pop-up impact sprinkler models LG-3 and AG-5, this tool makes quick work of servicing the sprinkler’s internal assembly. No need to dig or remove the entire sprinkler head. Use the top of the wrench to pry up the top of the sprinkler. Then unscrew the sprinkler’s internal mechanism using the extended hex portion of the wrench. Clean or replace the mechanism using the reverse procedure. This handy wrench will help you keep your irrigation system working efficiently for a lush, green lawn with uniform watering and minimal overspray.

Easily clean or replace Rain Bird impact sprinkler head internal assemblies without digging

Chrome finished tool is designed for use with LG-3 LG-3/Mini-Paw and AG-5/Maxi-Paw sprinklers

Lift the cap using the flat tipped handle

Unscrew and lift the sprinkler mechanism using the lower hex wrench

Primary application: residential installation

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