Rain Bird XFCV Check Valve Dripline (Sold per ft.)

Rain Bird XFCV Check Valve Dripline (Sold per ft.)

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Rain Bird XFCV Check Valve Dripline (Sold per ft.)

Rain Bird XFCV Dripline with a heavy-duty 3.5 psi check valve for on-surface applications adds a valuable member to the Rain Bird XF Series of Dripline. The XFCV is the most effective dripline in the industry and is ideal for areas where no other dripline will work. When used in applications where elevation changes exist, the patent-pending check valve keeps the dripline charged, holding 8 feet of hold back. Rain Bird’s XFCV offers better uniformity and helps to prevent over-watering at the low-point in the zone, avoiding puddling and water draining from the dripline. It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings.

Resists clogging by use of an extra wide flow path combined with a self-flushing action

Dual-layered tubing (brown over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage

Rain Bird patent-pending 3.5 psi check valve technology keeps the dripline charged with water at all times

It accepts Rain Bird easy fit compression fittings, XF dripline barbed Insert fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings

Low-profile emitter design reduces in-line pressure loss, allowing longer lateral runs, simplifying design and reducing installation time


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