Toro Globe Valve 220 Brass 2 in. w/ Flow Control FIPT x FIPT

Toro Globe Valve 220 Brass 2 in. w/ Flow Control FIPT x FIPT

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Toro Globe Valve 220 Brass 2 in. w/ Flow Control FIPT x FIPT

Irrigation professionals can employ the 2 in. Toro Brass Valve for clean, efficient water management. Constructed from brass, this valve is durable and corrosion proof for long-term durability, even in extreme environments. It features an internal manual downstream bleed, so the pressure regulation can be monitored manually while keeping the valve box dry. This valve is equipped with a marine-grade S20P solenoid actuator, so fluid flow can be automatically controlled. Featuring fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm, this valve is resilient and provides enhanced dimensional stability under high compression loads. This dirty-water resistant valve provides superior protection against lightning, which makes it a safer and more reliable choice, especially in places with volatile weather conditions. It has a pressure regulator, which functions in manual or electric modes and can be installed without having to drain the main line.

Pressure regulator can be installed as a service kit without draining the main line

Electrical specifications 24 VAC 50 or 60 hz solenoid, 60 hz 0.12 A in-rush current, 60 hz 0.1 A holding current

Dirty water resistance

EZReg pressure regulator compatible

Pressure regulation (electric or manual) with built in schrader valve for downstream pressure verification

Nearly three times the lightning protection of competitive product

External downstream manual bleed

Internal downstream manual bleed keeps valve box dry and allows for manually setting pressure regulation

Precise pressure control option

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