Weathermatic Controller Indoor 4 Station

Weathermatic Controller Indoor 4 Station

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Weathermatic Controller Indoor 4 Station

With over 500,000 SmartLine Controllers saving vast amounts of water around the world, your next project will be added to the growing list. The SmartLine feature set exceeds that of most high-end controllers, yet was engineered to make ET-Based Water Management affordable for any sized project.

SLW1/SLW5 weather stations extended rain delay programmable from 0 – 99 hr seasonal % adjust by program, by month

Rain delay of 1 to 7 days

Non-volatile memory, with no battery required

4 programs A, B, C program D can operate concurrently

User controlled conventional programming

Large backlit LCD display

Zone run times settable from 1 min – 9 hr 55 min

Internal 120 VAC or 230 VAC transformer with pre-installed 6 ft line cord

Watering modes basic mode and smart mode

Indoor or outdoor rated

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Housing Material

Plastic Housing

Number of Stations

4 Station

Station Type

Modular Base Unit





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