Fountains & Aerators

AquaMasters is the brand for Fountains and Aerators
Masters Series Stainless Steel Aerators 1 Phase 5 hp 240v, phase 1 hp 240v
phase 2 hp 240v
AquaMaster Classic series Power Unit 5 Hp 208-24V1
AquaMaster Masters Series Fountain Aerator 1 Phase 1 hp 120v
AquaMasterMastersSeries- Floating Fountain 2 hp 208-240V 3 phase, Unit 5 Hp 440-480v
AquaMaster Masters Series Stainles Steel Aerator 3 Phasae 5 hp 460v and Phase 5 hp 230v Aerator 1 Phase 3.5 hp 240v
AquaMaster Masters Decorative Series Fountain 1 phase 1/2 hp 208-240v

Fountains and Aerators create oxygen in the water which is an important part of a pond or eco system to bring beneficial things such as overall health and beauty to your water source. Installing a fountain brings a whole new sensory experience through sight and sound.
There are more than a few different types of aerators low speed, floating surface a, jet, course bubble and fine bubble to prevent stratification. Stagnant is not good.

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