Controllers & Timers

Controllers can be found in several brands, Hunter, Irritrol, Weathermatic, Rain Bird, and Calsense. They can be Indoor or Outdoor with as little as one station to 200, for residential to commercial uses.
Hunter WIFI Smart Controller HC Modular w Hydra-wise Indoor 12 station, Hunter ACC Modular Controller 12 station Outdoor, Hunter expansion Module HC 12 station for WIFI Enabled Controller, or Wi-Fi Smart Controller HC Modular w Hydra-wise Indoor 6 station.
Rain Bird ESP Controller for 1 station, 2 station battery powered, 1 station with solenoid Battery powered or 6 station battery powered. Rain Bird Front Panel ESP LX 4 station Battery Powered. Rain Bird commercial up to 75 station – up to 200.
Weathermatic Controller Indoor 4 station; Weathermatic Smartline Indoor or Outdoor 4 station, Weathermatic Smartline Modular Controller 12 station Outdoor Plastic Wall Mount.
Irritrol – Rain Dial Module Assembly – 6 station, 9 station Outdoor, 12 station in stainless steel wall mount; Indoor 12 station.
Calsense- Commercial Controllers.
Many different types of Sprinkler Controllers or Timers to choose from to save you time, energy and even money concerning your lawn watering process. Just to name a few features available today are: Weather Sensors, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Apps for easy Maintenance, Smart Home Integration, and Water Saving Technology, In today’s culture you can control your system via your smartphone or with a home assistant compatibility, rather than the hands on type of systems from previous decades. Absolutely nothing wrong with the single knob, quick adjustments, for those that seek a simple set up; to the more updated technology gadgets.
Many Brands available, Orbit, Rachio, Rain Bird, Hunter and many more. Do your research and decide which controller is right for you based on your lawn maintenance requirements.

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