BaseLine 1000 100 Station 2-Wire Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

BaseLine 1000 100 Station 2-Wire Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

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BaseLine 1000 100 Station 2-Wire Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

The BaseStation 1000 is part of Baseline’s family of intelligent irrigation controllers. With all the technology that you’ve come to expect from Baseline, the BaseStation 1000 is designed to be simple to use, but smart enough to handle your toughest watering needs.  You’ll love how much time, money and water you’ll save with the new BaseStation 1000 from Baseline.

Right out of the box, the BaseStation 1000 irrigation controller is ready to transform your site. The BaseStation 1000 can operate 100 zones, manage 3 complete points of connection (master valve, flow sensor, and pump), and support 30 programs and 20 soil moisture sensors.

Note: BaseStation 1000 controllers manufactured before January 1, 2018, need MEXP expansion modules for maximum device totals and access to all BaseManager features. For more information, please contact Baseline’s Sales Account Manager at 208-639-8731 or your local distributor.

Essential Features for Intelligent Watering

Baseline’s BaseStation 1000 is a smart controller designed to provide the features that are essential for intelligent watering. The BaseStation 1000 works with Baseline’s patented two-wire technology and conventional wire and retrofit solutions.  The BaseStation 1000 comes standard with flow monitoring and management options, support for Baseline’s soil moisture sensors, mobile access, and central control connectivity.

When operated in WeatherAccess™ mode with an active BaseManager™ Plus subscription, the BaseStation 1000 irrigation controller meets the EPA WaterSense program’s water-efficiency and performance criteria. The BaseStation 1000 combines Baseline’s soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology with the industry’s best practices for weather-based irrigation into a single user interface.

Ease of Use – Redefined

Really!  The intuitive and logical interface of the BaseStation 1000 is remarkably simple to use. You’ll never have to guess where a feature is located or struggle to figure out how to program it. Plus, the BaseStation 1000 has built-in help screens that are almost like having the manual open to the right page with the press of a button.

A Revolutionary Way to Connect

The BaseStation 1000 irrigation controller is equipped for Baseline’s LiveView™, which makes your controller accessible from any Internet-ready device. Connect your controller to the Internet through the built-in Ethernet port, and then use LiveView to manage your controller anytime-anywhere just as if you were standing in front of it.  With Baseline, you may never need to talk to an IT guy again!

The BaseStation 1000 is also compatible with other communication options like Wi-Fi, Cell Modem, and Mesh Radio, so connecting to BaseManager is easy and affordable. BaseManager will change the way you manage your sites because it is the easiest to use, most comprehensive central control product ever created, and it’s only available from Baseline.

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Powder Coated Metal Housing

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Wall Mount

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100 Station



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