Sensors are available from Rain Bird, Toro or Irritrol in different features and sizes
Rain Bird Tee Flow Sensor Wired Brass in 1 in, 2 in. Rain Bird Wired PVC Tee Mounted in 1 in., 1 1/2 in., 2 i. and 3 in. Wired Brass Tee Mounted 1 1/2 in NPT.
Irritrol Rain Sensor Wired, Climate Logic Weather Sensor and Toro Rain Sensor Wireless or Toro Rain/ Freeze Sensor Wireless. Rain Bird Rain Sensor Wireless with 48 hour delay.
A rain sensor device is used to communicate with the sprinkler timer about the level of rainfall. When sensors get wet they prevent the controller from watering. Once the core dries out, the sensor will let the controller resume with its programmed watering schedule. When you have more than one controller you must have appropriate number of sensors to correlate.

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