BaseLine 3200 48 Station Conventional Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

BaseLine 3200 48 Station Conventional Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

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BaseLine 3200 48 Station Conventional Wall Mount Powder Coated Metal Controller

The BaseStation 3200 site management controller provides users with more control and more information than ever before. It supports the patented two-wire technology from Baseline, as well as conventional wire and retrofit solutions. Its advanced flow management features and flexible communication options allow users to network devices through the cloud or using a local area network.

The BaseStation 3200 combines soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology from Baseline with the industry’s best practices for weather-based irrigation into a single user interface. The BaseStation 3200 can help you reduce water use by up to 62 percent.

The BaseStation 3200 leverages its unique responsive technology and performance components to support up to 99 concurrent zones and manage non-irrigation zones with ease.

Solving Problems in Real-Time

  • Real-time data means you can control what you need to when you need to
  • Smart watering with moisture sensors can save up to 62 percent versus standard water methods
  • Responsive flow management and data analytics gives you the ability to optimize water resources
  • Dynamic central control capabilities save you time and resources
  • Leak detection programming will stop leaks fast and alert you in real-time

Responsive, Real-Time Technology

Every BaseStation 3200 supports all of our responsive two-wire devices right out of the box. The strength of our two-wire solution comes from its patented, true two-way communication. This means our devices provide real-time data where you need it, when you need it.

Flow Optimization

The programming and features of the BaseStation 3200 enable you to take precise control over the water at your site. You can manage every aspect of flow starting from the water source to control point (a master valve, pump, or a hydrometer) to the mainline and down to the zone. The Baseline irrigation controller software learns the flow for each zone, maximizes the number of zones it can turn on at once, and helps shorten your water windows.

Efficient Resource Management

In order to water smart, comply with water regulations, and prevent over-watering and runoff, you also have to know when to stop irrigating. You can guess or you can measure.

Baseline soil moisture sensors measure the actual soil moisture content where it really matters — in the root zone. With average water savings of 62 percent, we can show you how to use less water while optimizing plant health. You can determine exactly how much to irrigate and when field capacity is achieved. This information allows you to start, stop, or pause irrigation programs according highly accurate data.

WeatherAccess™ for BaseManager provides a platform that combines our soil moisture sensor-based intelligent watering technology with the industry’s best practices for weather-based irrigation into a single user interface.

Get Real-Time Alerts, Messages, and Reporting

Every BaseStation 3200 includes a built-in Ethernet port so the controller is Internet-ready out of the box. Wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi, cell modem, and spread-spectrum radio.

BaseManager™ is a powerful cloud-based central control and remote access platform that allows any BaseStation 3200 controller to be managed remotely over the Internet.

Scale Site Management with the FlowStation and the SubStation

With the addition of a FlowStation™, you can monitor and manage water resources across as many as 20 BaseStation 3200 controllers.

Flow Management: The FlowStation maximizes the number of valves and controllers that can operate at once based on the amount of water that is available. Multiple BaseStation 3200 controllers can operate simultaneously and the FlowStation will manage which controllers get water and how much they are allowed to use.

The SubStation™ wirelessly connects to the BaseStation 3200 controller using ethernet radios or wireless network. Once networked, the BaseStation 3200 can program and run all zones and devices connected to a SubStation. Obstacles for a wire path such as roadways, water features, or buildings are easy to plan around with SubStations.

A single BaseStation 3200 can connect with up to eight SubStations, and because each SubStation has its own 24 volt transformer, the BaseStation 3200 can run up to 99 zones concurrently thus dramatically reducing window windows.

Features that Matter

  • Supports up to 200 zones
  • Supports two-wire and conventional wire
  • Supports up to 25 soil moisture sensors
  • Supports up to 99 programs
  • Supports up to 8 water sources
  • Supports up to 8 points-of-control
  • Supports up to 8 mainlines
  • Supports up to 99 concurrent zone operations
  • Includes advanced flow management and monitoring features
  • Uses pressure readings to start, stop, and pause management and monitoring features
  • Supports weather-based watering
  • Includes built-in Ethernet port
  • Supports Wi-Fi, cell modem, and spread spectrum radio
  • Prioritizes based on control point or program
  • Supports Intelligent Water Rationing™
  • Integrates with any FlowStation™ or SubStation™
  • Supports controller-level tiered passcodes
  • Includes detailed, on-screen instructions and help

Solutions for Your Project

The BaseStation 3200 offers irrigation features that can help you manage any landscape project you might have. New construction or retrofits, big projects or small, the BaseStation 3200 has the solution for:

  • School districts
  • Parks departments
  • Municipal landscape departments
  • College and University campuses
  • Commercial properties
  • High-end residential properties
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Water-harvesting projects
  • LEED projects
  • Building management projects
  • Professional athletic stadiums
  • Sports turf and playing fields
  • Greenhouse and hydroponic projects

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