EZ FLO MaIn-Line Dispensing System 9.4 gal.

EZ FLO MaIn-Line Dispensing System 9.4 gal.

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EZ FLO MaIn-Line Dispensing System 9.4 gal.

The EZ-Flo Mainline Dispensing System connects directly to the irrigation piping after the backflow prevention device. The durable PVC tank is designed for use under constant pressure. EZ-Flo’s patented flow process automatically adjusts to changes in water pressure and water flow without changing fittings. This product is designed to feed both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones for commercial, municipal, sports field, golf course, grower and residential applications. This system is designed for the delivery of products that are designated as non-hazardous and 100% water soluble.

Constructed of heavy-walled, UV-Resistant PVC

Have no moving parts making them very reliable and maintenance-free

Designed to withstand constant static water pressure present in your irrigation system

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