Hunter ICV Glass-Filled Nylon Globe/Angle Valve 3 in. FIPT

Hunter ICV Glass-Filled Nylon Globe/Angle Valve 3 in. FIPT

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Hunter ICV Glass-Filled Nylon Globe/Angle Valve 3 in. FIPT

Rely on the ICV 3 in., NPT to safely stop, start, and control the flow of water. This valve comes with a glass-filled nylon construct, ensuring impact strength, chemical resistance, and a favorable thermal expansion rate for reliable operation in extreme temperatures. It features an internal manual and external bleed, which provides an efficient way to remove physical contaminants during installation. This valve uses a solenoid actuator, which conducts an electric current through the coil to create a magnetic field, so the flow of liquids and gases can be easily controlled. Equipped with an EPDM diaphragm, this valve is abrasion resistant and protects against corrosive substances, such as alkalies, acids, and caustics. This easy-to-maintain valve comes with captive bonnet bolts for easy and efficient valve servicing with a flat head, nut driver, or Philips screwdriver. It withstands fluctuating flow rates and challenging water conditions, making it a long-lasting choice for demanding projects. This valve has a temperature rating of 150 degrees F, a 200 psi pressure rating, and an NPT connection.

Double-beaded diaphragm seal design for superior leak-free performance

Low flow capability allows for use of Hunter’s micro irrigation products

External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy at the valve activation

Captive bonnet bolts provide hassle-free valve maintenance

Fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and EPDM seat ensure superior performance in all water conditions

Glass-filled nylon construction results in the highest pressure rating

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3 in.

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Glass-Filled Nylon



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