Rain Bird Pump Station CLP Boost Model 5 HP

Rain Bird Pump Station CLP Boost Model 5 HP

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Rain Bird Pump Station CLP Boost Model 5 HP

RainBird’s versatile CLP Series pump station can be used in pressure boost, flooded suction or suction-lift applications. The CLP is a complete pump package that is simple to install and operate. It includes an industrial-grade pump, a marine-grade aluminum enclosure, highest quality pump protection, and an optional mounting for a Rain Bird controller. Home owner’s associations, small sports fields, schools, parks, and a variety of other projects are ideal applications. The compact and durable design of the CLP Series and the ease of installation make it a perfect solution for applications with flows up to 240 gpm. The CLP Series eliminates the hassle of stick building a pump station with non-compatible parts and a makeshift enclosure. Only Rain Bird provides a totally integrated irrigation solution with UL-listed components and a three-year warranty that dependably delivers healthy, beautiful landscapes while saving time and minimizing maintenance.



At-a-Glance Description

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) provides a wide range of hydraulic coverage
  • Pump Start Relay included making station ready to accept controller signals
  • Aluminum Deck and Enclosure to stand up to the elements
  • Isolation Valve for maintenance and priming
  • Liquid filled suction and discharge gauges for fast set point setting and troubleshooting
  • Optional mounting bracket for Rain Bird Controllers


Enclosures / External Connections

  • Marine grade aluminum enclosure and deck
  • Fused main power disconnect
  • Pump Control
    • Runs based on signal from irrigation controller, or from optional Flow Start Switch (for pressure boost or flooded suction applications only)
    • 24VAC Pump start relay included. Other optional voltages available.
    • 130°F temperature cutout switch

Electrical Features

  • Incoming power: Single phase 208V, 220V, 230V AC or three phase 480V AC
  • TEFC Motor
  • UL-listed components
  • Energy efficient – Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) maintains constant pressure at varying flow demand.
    • Stainless steel pressure transducer
    • Red light for VFD alarms
    • Green pump running light
    • Pipe fill mode reducing pressure surge at pump start up
    • Programmable override pump speed
    • Loss of prime and pipe break alarm
    • Dead head shut down
    • Transducer loss shut down
  • Optional mounting bracket for Rain Bird controllers
    • Pre-drilled for ESP-Me, ESP-LXMe, and ESP-LXD Series Controllers. (Rain Bird controller sold separately)
    • Mounted inside or outside aluminum enclosure**Separate independent power feed required to power controller.


  • Surge Suppression Kit
    • Single Phase (208-230 VAC) p/n CLPSES1P
    • Three Phase (208-230 or 480 VAC) p/n CLPSES3P
  • Pump Start Relay
    • 6VDC p/n CLPPSR06DC
    • 12VDC p/n CLPPSR12DC
  • Boost or Flooded Suction Accessories
    • Flow Start Kit p/n CLPBSTSW
  • Suction Lift Accessories
    • Foot valve – 4” Vertical Flanged p/n CLPFTVLV4VF
    • Static inlet screen

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