Toro 570 Spray Riser Extension 6 in.

Toro 570 Spray Riser Extension 6 in.

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Toro 570 Spray Riser Extension 6 in.

Toro’s 590GF Series is the first spray head designed specifically for golf course irrigation with enhanced water management capabilities. The 590GF is built for the tough golf course environment, including harsh debris situations like top-dressing and sand, high water pressures, and daily mower and foot traffic. The 590GF is perfect around bunkers, on small tee boxes, and around the clubhouse. And with its patented X-Flow technology, the 590GF has a built-in shutoff device should a nozzle be damaged or removed and it’s standard check valve feature minimizes low head drainage.

Designed flush rate

X-Flow shut off device

Prevent low head drainage

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