Toro 570Z Low Pressure Spray Body 3 in. Pop Up

Toro 570Z Low Pressure Spray Body 3 in. Pop Up

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Toro 570Z Low Pressure Spray Body 3 in. Pop Up

The Toro Precision Rotating Nozzle provides wind-resistant, multi-trajectory water distribution for superb irrigation. This rotating nozzle allocates multiple streams of water and is adjustable by hand or by tool, so it is extremely convenient to make changes. It features a gear-drive design for long-lasting use. This rotating nozzle features 15 unique streams with different trajectories, making it a flexible solution. This rotating nozzle has a 0.17-3.68 gpm flow rate, a full-circle spray pattern, and a 14-26 foot operating radius range.

Maintains precipitation rate as radius is reduced

Adjustable by hand or with included tool

Pre attached screen for easy installation

Radius reduction up to 25 percent by turning set screw 90 degree

Consistent speed of rotation not affected by pressure

Gear-driven utilizes a proven planetary gear drive, variable stator and turbine to rotate the nozzle

Consistent speed of rotation

Matched precipitation rate of 0.55 inch/hr

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Operating Radius

14 ft. to 26 ft. RaFull Circledius

Nozzle Type

Male Thread

Spray Pattern

Full Circle

Arc Angle

360 Degree



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