Toro In-Line Valve 264 Plastic 1 in. MIPT x MIPT

Toro In-Line Valve 264 Plastic 1 in. MIPT x MIPT

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Toro In-Line Valve 264 Plastic 1 in. MIPT x MIPT

Employ for the 1 in. Elect Globe Vlv W/O Fc residential applications and commercial applications. This valve features a glass-filled Zytel construct, making it sturdy, durable, and abrasion resistant for extended use. It has a rubber diaphragm, which provides increased resilience and excellent electrical insulation. It uses a solenoid actuator so that fluid flow can be automatically controlled. This valve has a manual external bleed, which allows the pressure regulator to be conveniently adjusted while keeping the valve box dry. It features a single-piece diaphragm, which is crucial for reliable, leak-proof closing. This valve is self-cleaning, preventing the entry of physical contaminants for reliable performance and increased longevity. It features manual flow control adjustable to zero for enhanced results.

Optional flow control allows the ability to adjust the flow of each zone

Low in-rush solenoid

Manual flow control adjustable to zero

External manual bleed

Single-piece rubber diaphragm for reliable, leak-tight closing

18 inch lead wires (electric)

Heavy-duty Toro solenoid provides dependable operation and long life

Comprehensive inlet and outlet choices flexibility for new installations and retrofit projects

Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering pin

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