Toro TPV Globe Valve Plastic 1 in. Slip x Slip

Toro TPV Globe Valve Plastic 1 in. Slip x Slip

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Toro TPV Globe Valve Plastic 1 in. Slip x Slip

Professionals can choose the 1 Valve Sxs W/O F/C Assy Toro for clean, efficient water regulation. This valve is equipped with a chloramine and ozone-resistant Santoprene diaphragm for enhanced durability, UV resistance, and dimensional stability. It has a solenoid actuator for optimal control of valves through electromechanical operation. It features patented DBS Technology and a patent-pending GLUE STOP design, which stops the discharge port won’t become plugged by PVC cement.

Without flow control assembly

Patented DBS (debris bypass system) technology metering system ensures proper functionality even in tough environments

Multiple body styles choose from various styles to meet any installation requirement

Tough double-beaded chloramine and ozone-resistant santoprene diaphragm ensures a consistent leak-proof seal all the way up to 175 psi (120 Bar)

Exceptional flow characteristics include low flow operation down to 0.1 gpm for drip applications and lower friction loss than the leading competitor

Robust solenoid design ensures reliable opening and closing

Patent-pending GLUE STOP design on slip-by-slip models makes it virtually impossible to plug the discharge port with PVC cement

Threaded slip and barbed body styles ensure any site-specific installation can be met

Wide range of flows and pressure one valve for all site specific needs

Solenoid 24 Vac

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Slip x Slip

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1 in.

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