Rain Bird FD-101 Field Decoder 1 station 1 Solenoid

Rain Bird FD-101 Field Decoder 1 station 1 Solenoid

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Rain Bird FD-101 Field Decoder 1 station 1 Solenoid

Rain Bird Field Decoders provide easy, cost-effective installation and expansion for SiteControl Decoder or ESP-LXD Decoder Central Control Systems. Decoders are installed out of sight to help protect them from the elements and vandalism.

A technology long-since proven on golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide “best-in-class” field control on centrally controlled 2-wire irrigation systems. Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, full-featured, economical option for reliable in-field control.

A simple wiring configuration and absence of protective enclosures keeps installation and maintenance costs low. Rain Bird decoders are a “true lower than 30 volt” system that utilize a two-wire path of 14-gauge wire connecting the central control system, decoders and valves or valve-in-head sprinklers.

With all electronic components fully sealed within a water‑tight enclosure and buried underground, damage from floods, frost, rodents or vandals is virtually eliminated. Rain Bird decoders are an especially good choice for flood plains.

Operates one automatic irrigation valve

Fully waterproof; mount inside a valve box or direct burial

Address pre-coded from the factory (no switches)

Easy, cost-effective installation, expansion and upgrade for Rain Bird ESP-LXD and/or
SiteControl two-wire decoder systems

Installed out of sight and protected from the elements and vandalism

Enables advanced diagnostics and sensor features

Use with Rain Bird DB Series Wire Connectors for the most reliable, water-tight connections

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