Toro Controller Evolution Indoor 4 Station Modular

Toro Controller Evolution Indoor 4 Station Modular

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Toro Controller Evolution Indoor 4 Station Modular

Quickly diagnose irrigation issues from anywhere in the world with the Toro Evolution Controller. This controller has a single schedule in the default standard mode, program schedule stacking with automatic split cycle, and other programming features. It uses a standard USB drive and has simple-to-use software. It is ideal for residential applications and light-commercial applications.

Uses a standard usb drive to transfer programming and to save controller operation logs

Pump start delay from 10 secs to 30 mins

Schedule stacking, with automatic split cycle when watering adjustments are greater than 100%

Master valve on or off by zone

Automatic short detection for circuit protection and faster troubleshooting

Red led next to the display to indicate an alert

Programmable well-recovery or station delay from 10 seconds to 30 mins

Modular design for easy upgrades

An optional smart connect plug-in receiver communicates wirelessly with add-on devices

Grow-in schedule settable up to 90 days, then automatically reverts to regular irrigation schedule

EVO-4ID controller has an indoor cabinet that includes an internal transformer and a factory installed power cord

One schedule in the default standard mode and up to six schedules in advanced mode

Station runtimes from 1 minute to 12 hours

Compatible with normally-closed rain sensors

Battery on the timing mechanism for “armchair” programming

Monthly season adjust by schedule

Timed water off from 1 – 14 days

Revolutionary interface

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